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100th Anniversary Celebration Day/Event.....June 24, 2023

What a memorable event we had. A number of prior members, board members and Club Pros showed up to celebrate. We all played a scramble with the sound of rock and roll & country music in the back- ground to lighten up the occasion. We even saw dance moves when an individual's favorite song came on. WCSH 6 was there to record the event and tell our story. Click here for the WCSH broadcast


Member/Guest Tournament

Fun was had by all at our yearly Member/Guest event. A nice meal of pulled pork, fresh corn, pasta salad and fresh baked cookies and pastries was prepared by our clubhouse manager, Butch McKenna along with his staff and wife. A special thanks to Jan McKenna for all her great food prep. Tap on pictures below to enlarge them. See the Tournament schedule for more special events coming up.

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